Mulefoot Meat

American Mulefoot Hog Meat


Mulefoot Meat:

Since the early 1900’s, the American Mulefoot hog has been considered a premium “ham hog” because of its high fat content – a quality that has commanded a 10-20% mark-up over commercial hog market prices.  Mulefoots do grow slightly slower than commercial hogs, but it is well worth the wait.  The pork has time to mature into flavorful, rich and nutritious meat that is “rosy-red beefy” in color and well-marbled like prime beef.  Not only does Mulefoot meat out-taste commercial breeds, but it has consistently topped the list of Heritage breeds in blind taste tests conducted by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, Humane Farm Animal Care, and Slow Food U.S.A.  See the article “Mulefoot Pork Wins Blind Taste Test” (

As chefs and connoisseurs of fine food have discovered this “lost treasure,” Mulefoot meat has become highly sought after as a tasty alternative to commercial-bred pork.  Ironically, its delicious meat may be the very characteristic that ultimately saves the Mulefoot hog from extinction.  By encouraging its consumption, conservationists hope to create a market demand that will encourage folks to acquire and breed more Mulefoot, thereby restoring and maintaining a healthy population.